The publication of Carpathia Capital SA quarterly report

COMMENTS FROM THE MANAGEMENT BOARD Despite increased volatility and mixed performance of the core markets, after the first quarter the Company reported PLN 123k gain on investments. The main contributors to gain on investments were: – revaluation of investment portfolio (PLN 75k), – profit on sales of securities (PLN 33k), – other profits (PLN 13k), – interest and dividend (PLN 2k). Cash remains the Company’s most significant asset with a share of 70.23% of total assets. Financial assets in other entities constituted the second most important position, representing 29.65% of total assets. Equity as of March 31st , 2016 amounted to PLN 8 031k, with share capital of PLN 1 893k. The Company remained debt free. Provisions and long term liabilities were equal to zero and the reported value of short term liabilities (PLN 584k) comprised of significant value of other liabilities (PLN 574k) which are presented as a commitment to acquire financial assets equal to the carrying value of short term WIG20 futures presented as financial assets and negligible trade payables (PLN 3k) and income tax liabilities (PLN 7k).

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