Taxes online – Romania world’s in first tax payment system

Individual taxpayers in Romania will be able to pay by card, online as well as at the treasury, the taxes managed by the Tax Administration ANAF, by city halls and by other public institutions starting 2015, the Government has decided. The bank commissions, of 0.3%, will be covered by the state, and not by the tax payers, nor by the institutions that receive the payment. “I am optimistic we will be able to pay the taxes for 2015 by card at the Treasury. It’s 2015 because it takes 6 to 12 months for the Treasury to become a payment acceptor,” said Finance Minister Ioana Petrescu. Once that happens, Romania will become the first country in the world which will have a sole payment point by card for all taxes, the minister said. Tax payers can currently pay their taxes in cash at the different payment locations depending on the type of tax paid, via bank transfer, or money order via the Post. Source:
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