Rzeczpospolita: Poland – Romania, two tigers of Eastern Europe

Countries of the region are the fastest growing economies of the European Union. This fact is confirmed by the latest data for the second quarter of 2015. It shows that in our part of the region the GDP growth rate remains at a high level (for example Czech Republic – 4.4 % year on year, Poland – 3.3 %, Romania – 3 3 %). In the first quarter Romania reached the highest result in the EU (4.1%). Romania is increasingly appreciated by Polish entrepreneurs. In 2014 Polish export of goods and services to this country was about PLN 14 billion and is steadily growing (in 2010 amounted to PLN 7 billion). […] However, Romania is not only a rapidly growing large market, which is geographically and culturally close to us, and ideal for Polish exports. It’s also a place for potential investors of Polish capital. In the near future the process of privatization should speed up. It is expected that several other companies will debut on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), with the first public offerings (IPOs). Shares listed on BVB characterized by an average P/E = 11.4 and attractive and the highest in the region dividend yield of approx. 4.5 % (data for July 2015.) may be of interest for Polish investors. All the more that Romania is considered the market with reasonably growing aspirations. Sooner or later it will result in the inclusion of selected companies from that country to the MSCI index for emerging markets and the reclassification of Romania to emerging markets, and this in the turn that should attract new foreign capital. This would not be possible without changes in the capital market. Consistent reconstruction of BVB, including the establishment of AeRO market dedicated to small and medium-sized companies, and the removal of bureaucratic barriers to market access for foreign investors should draw on the stock market Polish company guided by the desire to build a position in the Romanian market at lower advertising costs than in Poland. Romania and Poland can and should be an important economic partners. […] It is worth to look to Romania not through the stereotype of a modern country, which is culturally foreign for Poles, but to see which Romania is becoming: an increasingly modern and prosperous state, giving outstanding development opportunities on a European scale and at the same time close to us culturally and extremely friendly. dr Ludwik Sobolewski – CEO of Romanian Stock Exchange, Ph.D. Paweł Śliwiński – Associate Professor of the University of Economics in Poznan, CEO of INC Group. ”Rzeczpospolita” is the patron of Cooperation Forum Poland – Romania – The Republic of Moldova which will held place on 17 September in Wrocław. Information about the forum and the event program are available here. Source: RzeczpospolitaTags: ,