Romanian Stock Exchange removes transation blocks

On 2 December 2014, Romanian Stock Exchange will remove the blocks transaction, which means the minimum number of shares or bonds that can be bought or sold in a single operation, so that the market should become more flexible and more accessible for small investors. The majority of the shares of companies listed on the regulated market BVB has a price less than 1 lei and transactions are carried out in blocks of 10 shares, as in the case of Banca Transilvania, or 100 shares of OMV Petrom. Smaller transactions are carried out on a smaller segment of the market, called “odd-lot”. In this segment are obtained only sales orders, and the investor who intends to complement its portfolio of some stocks has to wait for the appearance of favorable offer or go to the main market. However, on 2 December 2014 Romanian Stock Exchange wants to remove the minimum transaction blocks and solve the category of “odd-lot”, and all the smaller sale of the shares can be transferred to the main market. After these changes, everyone will be able to be a shareholder OMV Petrom, for example, for the price of one share of OMV (0.43 lei) as opposed to the current price of 43 lei- block 100 shares. In addition, the investor will need only 740 lei to buy one share of all 78 companies on the regulated market (except those insolvent). Source: zf.roTags: ,