Romanian Stock Exchange recorded a net profit of 25% as of 2014

Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE), the main stock exchange operator on the local capital market, through the intensification of trading activity and an increase in revenue collected from issuers and market participants ended last year with a turnover of stock exchange with a value of RON 26.9 million which represents an increase of more than 11 % compared to turnover as of 2013. According to the annual report of BSE, preliminary gross income increased last year by 25%, which is RON 11.9 million. The development was supported by an increase in operating profit by 37% to RON 11.1 million. BVB financial result is RON 3 million, more than 4% higher compared with the 2013 result. Operating income of BVB increased relative to 2013 by 14.2% to RON 27.8 million, while operating expenses increased by 2.9% to RON 16.7 million. “Operating revenues are derived primarily from commercial activities all instruments listed on the stock exchange, with fees from issuers for the marketing and sale of shares by different users”, pointed out in the report. The transaction value of BVB on all markets, including public offerings, increased in 2014 by RON 14.4 billion, which represents a 6.6% increase compared to 2013, while the value of the transaction on the regulated market grew by 15.2% to  RON 13 billion. Source: zf.roTags: ,