Romanian port of Constanta becomes Europe’s grain hub

Grain trader Cargill and freight handler Transport Trade Services more than doubled grain capacity at their Canopus Star terminal at Constanta in August this year. Meanwhile, grain volume through the port was up by almost a third year-on-year, thanks to wheat and corn exports to Middle East countries, according to port spokeswoman Monica Velicu. Higher crop yields in Romania, and new silos and terminals built for exporting to Egypt have helped Constanta become Europe’s grain hub, outranking Rouen in France, according to Bloomberg. The port of Constanta handled 9.5 million tons of grain in August, up by around a third from 7.3 million tons a year earlier. By year-end, volume handled through the Romanian port will top last year’s record 15.3 million tons. Last year, Romania exported 8.7 mln tons of grain, while Rouen, France’s busiest grain hub, exported 7.3 million tons. “Grain exports will only continue to grow,” said Peter Beerents, chief executive officer of Cibus Farmland Club, a Dutch adviser setting up its third Romanian farm for family investors, quoted by Bloomberg. “This is a land with a lot of natural riches.” Export from Romania to Middle East is aided by the short trip by the sea, some 3.5 days, compared to over 4 days from Odessa or Novorossiysk.Tags: ,