Romanian companies are increasingly interested in AeRO market

Romanian media report that the interest of AeRO market is steadily growing.  IT company, Bitnet Systems is one of the companies involving high hopes with launching of AeRO market planned on February 25. The Management Board is considering several alternatives to raise capital for the development of the company. One element of achieving this aim is to debut on AeRO market of Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE)- said Mihai Logofătu, Executive Director of the company. Logofătu declared that the company’s investment budget for this year will be at least 100 000. The company intends to expand its operations and reinvest in this area. According Logofătu, AeRO market has essential elements for the success. “We are in constant contact with Authorised Advisers in order to raise capital for Bittnet Systems “- said Logofătu. INC S.A. conducts discussions with Bittnet Systems for to become Authorised Adviser. According to a recent statement of Bogdan Mugescu, specialist in the Department of Business Development BVB, this year Romanian Stock Exchange expects 10-20 new listings on the Alternative Trading System AeRO. The representative of Stock Exchange emphasized that the purpose of the development department is one debut of private company for week, or at least three debuts for month. According Mugescu, the first companies, that will be launch on AeRO market, are from the IT industry and the services sector, which may raise hundreds of thousands of euros through private issues.Tags: , ,