Romania – the best economic balance in the last 25 years

Currently Romania has the best economic balance in the last 25 years and should use its position to accelerate reform – claim a conference participants “Calea României către euro zone” – “The road towards adoption of the euro”. At a meeting organized by the representatives of the European Commission in Bucharest in cooperation with the National Bank of Romania (NBR), the President of the NBR, Mugur Constantin Isărescu emphasized that the goal of accession to the euro zone in 2019 it is only a formal commitment. “Given the exceptionally good macroeconomic situation we need to make structural reforms, which is equal to the better use of money. We should put the emphasis on competitiveness, productivity and sustainability in businesses”, said Isărescu. The head of Directorate General for Economy and Finance at the European Commission, István Székely, stated that an establishment of goal which is the adoption of the euro may be support for structural reforms. Source: romania-actualitati.roTags: ,