Romania changes the face: the rapid development of the country

From the old backward country Romania becomes one of the fastest growing European economies. The country fights more and better corruption at the highest levels. In a recent report issued at the beginning of the year the European Commission boasts Romania’s progress in the fight against the scourge of corruption. The officials write that the country has managed to carry out reforms, by which justice has become more independent. From such developments Brussels makes admission of Romania and Bulgaria to the Schengen area. The fight against corruption brings results. A significant impact was a generational exchange among prosecutors low- and middle managers, especially from the provinces – says Kai-Olaf Lang of the Berlin Foundation Science and Politics. – In addition, the public wants the country matched the EU standards. Lang also draws attention to the positive changes brought about economic reforms, in part imposed by the International Monetary Fund and the European Union. They were made a few years ago because of the condition for the granting of loans by these institutions saving the country from collapse in times of global crisis. Last year the Romanian GDP grew by 2.8 per cent., but this year it is expected to stay at a similar level. The record low is unemployment, which fell to 6.8 percent. Analysts say this is mainly thanks to increasing purchasing power and consumption in the 20-millionth of the country. But they also began to appear innovative enterprises.A particularly fast growing is observed in IT industry. Romania has become in recent years a leading EU country in the fight against cybercrime and cyber. Already every fifth officer in dealing with such crimes Europol comes from Romania. Source:
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