Romania, among EU’s least dependent on energy imports

Romania was among the least dependent countries on energy imports in the European Union, in 2013, after Estonia (11.9%) and Denmark (12.3%). Romania imported 18.6% of its energy, according to the statistical office of the European Union (Eurostat). The main energy producers in the EU were France (135 million tonnes of oil equivalent, 17% of the total EU production), Germany (121 million toe, 15% of the EU production) and Great Britain (110 million toe, 14%). Romania’s production amounted to 26.1 million toe in 2013. It surpassed Bulgaria (10.5 million toe), but it was behind the Czech Republic (29.9 million). Of the total energy production in Romania, 17.8% were solid fuels, 16.3% oil, 32.9% natural gas, 11.5% nuclear power and 21.3% renewable energy sources. Sources:, romania-insider.comTags: ,