Carpathia Capital SA (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) hereby informs about its first capital investment.

On the March 9th, 2015 the Company signed a sales-purchase contract with SC Bittnet Systems SA headquartered in Bucharest, Romania.

According to the contract the Company purchased 450 439 nominative shares, having a nominal value of RON 0,10 each and a total value of RON 45 043,90, representing 10% of SC Bittnet Systems SA share capital and 10% of the total number of votes at the General Shareholder Meeting.

The purchase price for 450 439 shares of SC Bittnet Systems SA amounted to the total value of EUR 150 000 (approximately RON 665 000), that is EUR 0,33 (approximately RON 1,46) per share, and was fully paid with cash.

SC Bittnet Systems SA was founded in 2007 and since then it operates in Romanian IT sector. Its main activity focuses on IT training, IT consulting and solutions implementation for voice and data communications. SC Bittnet System SA holds a leadership position in Romanian IT training market.

The aim of SC Bittnet Systems SA is to be listed on the AeRO BVB Market for Equities by the end of March, 2015.