New investments of the Carpathia Capital Fund

In line with the investment objective, Carpathia Capital aims to achieve long-term capital growth. The Company intends to achieve this goal by investing in a diversified portfolio of instruments issued by SMEs operating in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

At the turn of 2019 and 2020, the company made a number of investments in promising entities mainly from the gaming and IT industries.

In December 2019, Carpathia Capital, as an underwriter, acquired the shares of the gaming company President Studio Sp. z o.o. for PLN 450 thousand for further resale to investors. The profit on the transaction was 20%. Drago Entertainment is another fund’s investment. In December 2019, Carpathia Capital took part in the public offering as part of a crowdfunding action, acquiring shares in the company for PLN 200,000. In 2020, the Company will be introduced to trading on the NewConnect Market.

In January this year Carpathia Capital fund acquired 50,000 thousand shares of the BitEvil S.A., which is a technology company (soon Code Addict S.A.), as part of extensive cooperation between BitEvil and the INC group.

Also in January, the Company closed the investment on the Romanian market in Medlife – a company listed on the main trading floor of the Bucharest Stock Exchange. The profit on the transaction was 52%.