Head of BVB met with 20 companies to discuss quoting

The Director General of the Stock Exchange in Bucharest (BVB), Ludwik Sobolewski, met Friday with representatives of more than 20 small businesses, to discuss the possibility of listing on the special market dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises, which will be introduced this year. “This morning (Tuesday) I invited young entrepreneurs, small businesses on the Stock Exchange at a seminar devoted to the new market, which will be launched this year, a special market for small and medium-sized enterprises. It will bore the name AERO BVB market, “said Ludwik Sobolewski, a quote from Mediafax Ludiwk Sobolewski declared two weeks ago that by the end of the year will be modified and re-introduced an alternative trading system, also known as CAN-ATS. “Even today, at this meeting, I had a meeting with 20 companies, maybe even more than 30, who came, because I worked with them before. A significant part of these companies comes from the IT sector. So this is a thing for which we need to create the right conditions”, sad Ludwik Sobolewski. Source: http://www.wall-street.ro/Tags: , , , ,