EY Romania report on the business environment in Romania

According to the report EY Entrepreneurs Speak Out – Romanian Entrepreneurship Barometer 2015, 62% of respondents believe that business education in Romania has improved significantly over the past year. 34% of Romanian entrepreneurs expect that Romania improve the conditions of the business environment in the medium term (5-10 years), while 21% of respondents expect an improvement in just 3-5 years. According to the Romanian entrepreneurs, the five major government action which aim is to improve the business environment in Romania in the short term are: reduction of the fiscal burden and the introduction of tax incentives (45 percent), overcoming bureaucracy and simplification of legislation, particularly the tax code (15 percent), providing a guarantee state loans, especially for start-ups (8 percent), improvement of cooperation and communication between public and private sector (7 per cent) and the stability of tax environment (5 per cent). Source: niceoclock.roTags: ,