Current report no 8/2018 – The recommendation of Management Board concerning paying dividend for 2017

The Management Board of Carpathia Capital S.A (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”, “Issuer”) seated in Poznan hereby informs, that guided by vested interest of shareholders and financial situation of Company intends to recommend to the General Meeting of Shareholders payment of dividend amounting to 335.714,49 zł representing 0,09 gr per share for 2017.

3.730.161 shares will be covered by dividend. This is the total number of shares less Company own shares.

The Management Board indicates that final value of recommended dividend depends on financial results presented in annual audit report for 2017.
The Management Board will inform about definitive decision in additional report.

Concurrently, the Management Board informs that the final decision regarding the payment dividend will be made by the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Current report no 8/2018

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