Carpathia Capital attended the conference about AeRO market

During the conference at the headquarters of the BVB was presented the company and the plan of action before the start of AeRO market. On February 12, 2015 at the conference: “The market AeRO – trading platform for SMEs and start-ups”, organized by the Stock Exchange in Bucharest, the president of Romania INC CEE Capital Carpathia, Jaroslaw Rutkowski presented the company. At the conference appearedr epresentatives of the companies seeking capital or with are in the process of its production. Carpathia Capital was the only investor witch presented the company at the event. Among the audience and participants of the discussion were representatives of SMEs and of the capital market. Jaroslaw Rutkowski said that the SMEs will have to face similar challenges as Polish entrepreneurs decade ago. He also stressed that Carpathia Capital invites to work only solid companies. “We are not affiliated with any particular sector and will invest where there is visible growth potential” – Jaroslaw Rutkowski.Tags: ,