BVB is applying for inclusion in the category of emerging markets

2015 year may prove to be the year of rebirth of the Romanian capital market, if in the next two months the Bucharest Stock Exchange  manage to prove that he has made progress and that deserves order to place, like Poland and Hungary, in the list of emerging markets with assets of $ 1,400 billion. The affiliation to the emerging markets league will provide the local capital market over one billion euros, while daily turnover will increase to more than EUR 20 mln. Every year in February, an American company MSCI which is the largest supplier of indexes in the world, starts the consultation with investment funds, analysts and international investors in order to draw up a list of emerging markets. Last year, the Romanian capital market, currently classified as Frontiers Markets, closed down many barriers preventing the development of the market. Local market has modernized its infrastructure for to take place in 2015 on the MSCI list in category B of  Emerging Markets indices, with assets of $ 1.400 billion. For comparison, the index  MSCIFrontier Markets, to which belong to Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, but also Vietnam, Pakistan and Kenya, has assets worth 12.4 billion dollars. “Match for inclusion on the list in order to grant the status of emerging market continues. There are chances of finding on the MSCI list this year, but we do not limit only to the MSCI indices. We also work with two large rating agencies S&P and FTSE. In two years we will get a decision of the raising the status of at least from one of these agencies, “said Lucian Anghel, president of the Romanian Stock Exchange.Tags: ,