BVB intends to increase the dividend by one fourth

Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) intends to pay dividends in the amount of 11.18 million lei (2.52 million euros) from profit as of 2014. Compared to last year, this result is higher by more than 24%. Taking into account the stock market quotations of BVB, the dividend can bring the profit in amount of 4%. The total value of dividends provided for this year is about 11.9 million lei, which represents 94% of the net profit from the previous year. This year, the BVB intends to pay a dividend in the amount of 1.4579 lei / share. For comparison, last year BVB paid a dividend representing 95% of the profit earned in 2013. At the Annual General Meeting, scheduled for 27/28 April 2015, the shareholders of BVB will approve the financial statements for the previous year, as well as income and expenditure planned for 2015. Source: wall-street.roTags: ,