AeRO market after the transfer of over 200 companies from the RASDAQ

Developer services, food industry and the sectors of the economy with a small number of issuers on the regulated market – these are the areas that after this year’s transfer of more than 200 companies from the market RASDAQ market on the AeRO market received a chance for economic recovery. RASDAQ market will be dissolved in October this year. Increased transparency of the market, determining conditions of reporting and improving relations with shareholders provide more security to investors interested in purchasing the undervalued shares of the AeRO market. “The compliance with these requirements by companies operating on the AeRO BVB market will undoubtedly provide an increase in legitimacy in the eyes of certain types of investors. Another important factor is the greater financial facilities for investors operating on the AeRO market compared to the regulated market”, sad George Muthi, Operations Director of the Rom­capital brokerage house.Tags: , , ,