62.2 thousand companies created in H1 in Romania

The Justice Ministry’s National Trade Registry Office (ONRC) has remitted to us the latest data on the number of newly-created companies. According to ONRC, 62,295 new companies were created in various sectors in the first six months of the year. Compared to the same period last year, that number grew by almost 7,400. In what concerns the sectors in which the new companies will be active, a veritable “boom” was registered in the agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors. 7,748 new companies were registered in these sectors. The wholesale and retail trade sector registered the most numerous newly-created companies (16,820).  It is a positive sign that the fiscal stimulus measures and the support for young entrepreneurs are paying off and are encouraging the economy to focus on production too, not solely on commerce. Source: nineoclock.roTags: