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Romania’s absorption rate of EU funds stands at 45%

The current absorption rate of EU funds (for the 2007-2013 period) amounted to some 45% in Romania, according to a statement posted on the Ministry of European Funds’ website. The value of the expenditure statements submitted to the European Commission is of over EUR 8.58 billion. The current absorption rate recorded in the Sectorial Operational […]

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Poles invested EUR 224 billion on the Romanian market

Last year, Poland has invested 224 million euros on the Romanian market, large companies with Polish capital is experiencing an annual turnover of tens of millions euros, and the Poles occupy the highest positions on the Romanian capital market (the leader of Stock Exchange in Bucharest is Ludwik Sobolewski – former president of the WSE […]

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Romanian minister for SMEs requests triple budget

The Department for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Business Environment and Tourism has requested the Ministry of Finance a EUR 38.2 million budget in 2015 to finance SMEs, nearly three times the amount alloted this year. “Immediately after the approval of the 2015 budget we want to start running all our programs to support small […]

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Romania, fifth largest EU funds beneficiary in 2013

Romania was the fifth largest net beneficiary of EU funds in 2013, with some EUR 4.09 billion in net sums received from the European Union. This amount was below those received by Poland, Greece, Hungary and Portugal, according to an analysis by The Telegraph. Total financings received by Romania in 2013 were of EUR 5.56 billion, […]

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Carpathia Capital News 1/2014

Second issue of Carpathia Capital News already appeared

Capital News Carpathia is a newsletter, showing the major events in the company Carpathia Capital, as well as on the Romanian capital market. We invite you to read two already published numbers. Numer 1 Numer 2 If you wish to receive further reports write on

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